Natural Choice Foods – Tips for Promoting Organic Overstock Food Items

September 5, 2021 , Natural Foods

What is NATURALLY chosen food? NATURALLY chosen food is food that is made without the use of unnatural substances such as synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or growth hormones. It supports people’s right to choose, produce and consume the food they wish.

What is FREEBIRTH PLUS? FREEBIRTH PLUS is a food brand protection service that gives businesses the power to create their own organic natural choice foods. It provides businesses with the ability to get their organic, biodynamic and renewable resources from suppliers at wholesale prices. It allows them to use those resources in their production process and in their packaging. It offers protection from overstock claims and protects the interests of retailers who work with food manufacturers to provide the highest quality, most economical deals to consumers.

What is SEMIMEDIA? SEMIMEDIA is the National Association for Marketing Specialties’ (NAMSS) Retail Marketing Opportunity. It exists to promote the buying power and economic viability of natural choice foods and to provide retailers and other food manufacturers with a means to increase their sales and profits. It also works closely with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Department of commerce (Commerce).

What is ORACLE? ORACLE is an online community that connects consumers and natural choice foods manufacturers. Its objective is to enhance and protect the consumer’s access to healthy food products. Through ORACLE, one can improve their food security and help ensure food safety while helping to save money and conserve resources through better food safety and more efficient processing and distribution.

How can I sell OPC at my grocery store or on my own website? All Natural Choice Foods is available from your local grocery store or discount superstore. Some may carry only a few select brands. In addition, many stores carry only certain types of natural choice foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. You will need a way to list them for sale by your local grocery store or discount superstore and then develop a strategic plan to promote these products via your Internet website.

Can I sell OPC at my own website? The easiest way to market organic foods directly from your website is through the use of an optin page. You can build this page quickly and easily with a little assistance from a friend or business partner. You can include links to your own website, blogs, and articles that talk about the benefits of purchasing organic overstock food items. Your site can also include a newsletter sign-up form for consumers to sign up to receive coupons and special promotional offers from your business.