Natural Choice Foods in US and Canada – A Strategic Analysis

February 9, 2021 , Natural Foods

You have a competitive advantage and your clients need more high-quality choices, so you should use your resources to develop organic food & beverage company. Natural Choice Foods employs buying power, extensive logistics network, repack facilities and distribution capabilities to provide specialty markets, prison food, prisons, hotels, fast food centers, food banks and convenience stores a viable option. What do you need to develop a Natural Choice Foods business? The first step is to decide which markets will be profitable. You can’t develop a successful business if you spend all your time in one market.

The second step is to develop strategic plans to enter into other markets. Your sales, accounts management, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, financial, public health, government programs and food safety programs will require specialized knowledge and experience. An experienced account manager with a background in natural foods and an MBA will lead the growth of this new company. Since natural choice foods must comply with the regulations set forth by the government, it is important to hire a food safety consultant with a background and education in food processing and safety. With an account manager and marketing manager on board, you can develop a marketing plan that includes nationwide expansion strategies and local expansion strategies.

The third step is to determine your target customer and market segments. In the retail industry, natural choice foods are usually sold in grocery stores. Natural foods are also available at chain stores and supercenters. The fourth step is to enter into contract manufacturing agreements with food processing and related industries to manufacture natural choices of foods and beverages.

The fifth step is to enter into partnership relationships with grocery store chains and supercenters. These partnerships allow you to provide additional value to the customer while building your own supply chain. The sixth step is to make sure your produce is available at all supermarket chains. Your distribution system should include a minimum of one discount grocery items supercenter, one nationwide grocery store chain and one regional discount grocery items chain. It is also important to have nationwide distribution networks for vitamins and supplements. Your seventh step is to enter into arrangements with national distribution networks to ship your natural choice foods throughout the country.

The eight steps discussed here are all important in the US food processing industries. These eight steps focus on the key industries in the United States that are a part of the US food supply system. They include the agriculture, animal feed industries, dairy, poultry, fish and fruit/vegetable processing industries. The ninth step focuses on the food processing industries of the United States and Canada.

Natural foods are available from more than just a few grocery store fixtures. The US food products industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. With new and creative strategies this industry can continue to grow and expand globally. We believe this will be a multi-year trend for both the US and Canada. Growth in these sectors will lead to a continued US and Canadian competitive edge and worldwide appeal for natural food products.